Julien Bisconti - Google Developer Expert for Google Cloud


Sub title: Automating Chaos Engineering with a Service Mesh and the Chaos Toolkit.

In this talk, Julien and Sylvain will take you on the journey of performing Chaos Engineering exploration and automation of a simple set of services backed by Istio, a service mesh provider.

Automating Chaos Engineering with a service mesh PLAN from code to service (mesh) chaos engineering automation with chaostoolkit Sylvain ( ChaosIQ ) https://chaostoolkit.org/ Julien Bisconti SRE / Data Engineer contact g.dev/julien slides: bisconti.cloud How long from monolith to microservices ? 8 fallacies of distributed computing The network is reliable. Latency is zero. Bandwidth is infinite. The network is secure. Topology doesn't change. There is one administrator. Transport cost is zero. The network is homogeneous.