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Automating Chaos Engineering with a service mesh PLAN from code to service (mesh) chaos engineering automation with chaostoolkit Sylvain ( ChaosIQ ) https://chaostoolkit.org/ Julien Bisconti SRE / Data Engineer contact g.dev/julien slides: bisconti.cloud How long from monolith to microservices ? 8 fallacies of distributed computing The network is reliable. Latency is zero. Bandwidth is infinite. The network is secure. Topology doesn't change. There is one administrator. Transport cost is zero. The network is homogeneous.
CHAOS ENGINEERING with SERVICE MESH Julien Bisconti SRE / Data Engineer contact g.dev/julien slides: bisconti.cloud Outline Genesis Service mesh: architecture and features Demo of Envoy and Istio Chaos Engineering: concepts & origin Demo of fault-injection Q&A at the beginning there was an APP and the app was code that needed to scale 👉 microservices Deployment Containers: lightweight VMs 12 factor app easier deploy reproducible build but ... Deployment concerns Scaling up and down Redundancy Scheduling / Orchestration Service Discovery Resiliency Rolling out and back Health checks Secret and config ➡️ kubernetes but .
I’ve been trying out Istio for a while now in order to fully grasp what is a service mesh and how to set it up. I made a presentation for the local CNCF meetup in Stockholm where I live. Chaos eng-service-mesh from Julien Bisconti The demo took the most time to prepare and there was a lot of material to cover but it got me going. Hopefully, I can record the presentation and put it online.
1 day free event workshop in Stockholm It’s a one day event where anybody can attend for free in order to see what’s available in the cloud build by Google. Here is what the summary of that day. At 8.00 sharp, the doors open to many people who were already waiting. By waiting I mean playing with their phone, like I’m doing right now because I’m writing this blog post. The presentation starts and it is a very well polished, very high level with technical anecdotes.