Julien Bisconti - Freelance Software Engineer specialized in Google Cloud


My personal definition of “at scale” means a service handles more than 10,000 RPS (ten thousands requests per second). The reason I came up with that number is when I learned that the C10K problem is a solved problem and hardware is not the bottleneck anymore. Meaning that a single machine can handle 10,000 connections at the same time. If a single machine can handle that much, why build a distributed system ?
Quick story first A weed smoker died. He did bad things during his life and was sent to hell. Arriving there, he saw an endless field of plants (marijuana) and in the middle, sitting there, Jimmy Hendrix and Bob Marley, rolling a massive join. He ran towards them and say: - "Hi, big fan, quick question. I thought this was going to be hell! But with all that weed, I must be in heaven.
This is the feedback that I sent to someone who is trying to make it in the open source world. Today is Sunday, I don’t have a lot of free time, so here it is: Since I know how hard it is to thrive in open source, please allow me to be brutally honest in the feedback. I might use strong words but it’s because I try to make you understand how to succeed in your project.
I’ve been trying out Istio for a while now in order to fully grasp what is a service mesh and how to set it up. I made a presentation for the local CNCF meetup in Stockholm where I live. Chaos eng-service-mesh from Julien Bisconti The demo took the most time to prepare and there was a lot of material to cover but it got me going. Hopefully, I can record the presentation and put it online.
1 day free event workshop in Stockholm It’s a one day event where anybody can attend for free in order to see what’s available in the cloud build by Google. Here is what the summary of that day. At 8.00 sharp, the doors open to many people who were already waiting. By waiting I mean playing with their phone, like I’m doing right now because I’m writing this blog post. The presentation starts and it is a very well polished, very high level with technical anecdotes.
The era of the terminal Looking back at the time of the mainframe with dummy terminal clients and their black/green screen, it makes me wonder if things really change that much. I guess it’s like in everything, some things change, some don’t. Deal with it. If you spend a decent amount of time in a terminal, you might have realized that there are some tasks that are tedious and error prone such as copy pasting a super long string (ssh public key) or some pods name from a kubernetes cluster.
ClojureScript HTTP data fetching In ClojureScript, there is a very helpful library that is a wrapper around XHR. It is called cljs-http. In order to use it, we have to use the core.async library. core.async was design to work on the JVM to handle concurrent threads. JavaScript is single threaded but the concept is the same: passing message. Simple HTTP request It is helpful to know how to get data from a server when building a website or an app.