Julien Bisconti - Google Developer Expert for Google Cloud

Julien Bisconti - independent remote software engineer specialized in Google Cloud GCP

What I do is simple: “I provide strategic guidance by building fully automated digital pipelines that take ideas and turn them into revenue generating services running on Google Cloud”. Originally, I am an software engineer, turned site reliability engineer, turned data engineer, trainer, speaker, university guest lecturer, based in Sweden. My contributions to the community have been recognized by Google and made me a Google Developer Expert for Cloud. The most notorious customers I’ve worked with are Unity, Discovery Network and Spotify. In short, if you played a mobile game made with Unity or watched videos on DPLAY’s website, you’ve used a service that I helped write and deploy. Have a look at my resume for all the details and which scale I operate on. Spoiler: it involves kubernetes and lots of data. I mainly focus on information used and generated by services, basically data, which in turn is used to make informed, data-driven decisions about the future of the business. A famous SRE saying is “Hope is not a strategy”. Do you feel like you are leaving your strategy to chance ? Read on.

Problems I will solve for you

  • establish a cloud strategy, whether hybrid or multi cloud.
  • educate your staff with workshop & training
  • cloud migration to Google Cloud
  • increase the resilience and confidence by doing chaos engineering experiments
  • ship features faster with complete automation of code deployment (CI/CD)
  • save money on cloud bills by monitoring cost
  • secure your workload by using a PKI
  • build a scalable data platform
  • performance tuning for high load services
  • manage your infrastructure at scale with Terraform
  • get insights from your data with BigQuery
  • data visualization for your business
  • train and deploy machine learning models to production with Kubernetes and Kubeflow