Julien Bisconti - Freelance Software Engineer specialized in Google Cloud

Google Developer Expert

Julien Bisconti - independent remote software engineer specialized in Google Cloud GCP

What I do is simple: “I build a fully automated digital pipeline that takes ideas and turns them into revenue generating services running on Google Cloud”. I’m an independent remote software engineer, turned site reliability engineer, trainer, speaker, university guest lecturer, based in Sweden. My contributions to the community has been recognized by Google and made me a Google Developer Expert for Cloud. The most notorious customers I’ve worked with are Unity and Discovery Network. In short, if you played a mobile game made with Unity or watched videos on DPLAY’s website, you’ve used a service that I help write and deploy. Have a look at my resume for all the juicy details and which scale I operate on. Spoiler: it involves kubernetes and lots of data. I mainly focus on information used and generated by services, basically data, which in turn is used to make informed, data-driven decisions about the future of the business. A famous SRE saying is “Hope is not a strategy”. Do you feel like you are leaving your strategy to chance ? Read on.

Problems I will solve for you

  • cloud migration to Google Cloud
  • increase the resilience and confidence by doing chaos engineering experiments
  • ship features faster with complete automation of code deployment (CI/CD)
  • save money on cloud bills by monitoring cost
  • secure your workload
  • build a scalable data platform
  • performance tuning for high load services
  • manage your infrastructure at scale with Terraform
  • get insights from your data with BigQuery
  • data visualization
  • train and deploy machine learning models to production with Kubernetes and Kubeflow
  • workshop & training